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Digital Video Taping & Editing

Video Recording Services

Recordings of interviews, lectures, special events, laboratory experiments, patients, surgical procedures. If you have a special project in mind, call us and we’ll make every effort to accommodate you.

Video Editing

Most video recordings can be edited according to your needs. We have the latest digital editing computer systems to provide you with what you need.

Video Conversion

We can convert from VHS,  DV (digital Video) and from one video format to another format. If you have a special device that exports a video signal we can capture the signal to a digital video file.

Video Media Transfer

All video recordings can be transferred to DVD, SVCD, CD or DV tape. Files may also be formatted for use on the internet.

Duplicating Services

Need multiple copies of a DVD with or without a printed DVD label or multiple CD duplicates?  We can help you.

Please visit our de Grandpre Communications Centre for your video conferencing needs!
See also the Neuro Audio Visual Unit’s web site.