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General PowerPoint Poster Templates by Neuro Media Services

Click on any of the templates to download.

Each includes instructions to assist you in completing your poster.

A pdf of the instructions is also available here.

You may also view a visual demonstration on how to proceed: (These clips are full screen )
Windows Media (4.5 Mb)
Real Video (15.2 Mb)
Quicktime (43.6 Mb)
Avi (20Mb)

Click on the image to download the PowerPoint template.  For vertical oriented templates click on the word Vertical  below each image

for Neuro templates, click here for research inspired templates

plain grassy  - vertical

highrise - vertical ocean - vertical

red - vertical

fabric - vertical

whimsy - vertical

threads - vertical

spottled - vertical

silver - vertical

mist - vertical

linear - vertical

grid - vertical

glass blocks - vertical

The textbox file (PowerPoint) is a collection of alternative text boxes that you can copy, cut and paste into any of the poster templates offered