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Please contact The Neuro Booking System for any questions that aren't answered here.

How do I create a login account?

If you used the old system regularly, you probably already have an account. Try using our password reset form for quick access. If you’re new to the system, you’ll need to fill out this form to create your account.


How do I make a reservation?

Make sure you're logged in as you. Select the date from the date picker at the top, select your pavilion, and then click on the + symbol at the time you want to reserve. Fill out the rest of the form and save.


How do I change a reservation?

If you made the reservation from the new system, you can see a list of your upcoming reservations by clicking on your username in the upper right corner. Click on the Meeting Name from the list and then select Edit Entry. Make the changes and then press save, it will be updated after approval from the system administrators.

If you made the reservation before the upgrade to this new system, you will have no access to edit or delete this reservation. Please send us an email with the details and we will confirm your identity and make the changes.


Can I reserve multiple rooms for the same time?

Yes. For a given time and date, you may book multiple rooms unless there is a scheduling conflict. Make sure you are logged in as you and then select the date from the date picker at the top, select your pavilion, and then click on the + symbol at the time you want to reserve for one of the rooms. While filling out the form, hold down CTRL and select the extra room(s) you need to reserve. They should all be highlighted afterwards. Save the form!

Please note: This functionality only works within one pavilion. To book multiple areas at the same time, you must make separate reservations.


How can I make a recurring reservation?

Begin by editing an existing reservation or creating a new reservation. Select the appropriate time, date, area and rooms for the booking. Then choose the recurrence pattern (I.e., daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) by selecting the "repeat type". Select the time range of the recurrence and click save.


What does Skip past conflicts mean on the form?

In the event you are making a repeating booking (e.g., every Wednesday at 10 am), selecting this checkbox will let you make your request, even if one or more of the requested times have a conflict and cannot be booked. If you do not check it, it will give you a list of the conflicts but will not send the request to our team.


I used the Month view, but I don't understand what I'm seeing?

When using the Month view, please make sure that after selecting the Month view, you select the specific room you're looking to book. Please note that switching to the Month view will require you to go back to day view deliberately.


How much notice is required for booking?

We request that you give us a full business day to approve incoming reservations. You'll receive an email notification when your reservation has been approved.


Do you have A/V equipment available with the booking?

Yes, six facilities have A/V equipment like a screen/projector, whiteboard and flip charts available with the booking. You could select the equipment when you reserve the booking.


How can I delete a reservation?

To delete a reservation, make sure you have logged in with the same credentials. Click the booking, select 'Delete the entry,' and it will be deleted after approval from the system administrators.


What happens if multiple people request a reservation for the same time and space?

The system takes the reservation request submitted by the first person.


How can I delete an occurrence from a recurring reservation?

On one of your reservations, you can select the particular booking in the calendar and click the 'delete entry'. It would be deleted once the system administrator approves it.